Stop wasting Money and
Join the Green Revolution

Reduce your carbon footprint, it’s not just for marketing

We redefine how hotels manage their energy

Responsible Power delivers Energy Accountability to hotels via our bespoke management solution

We deliver savings through a combination of expert knowledge, technical innovation and extensive domain experience

Experienced Energy Engineers
Active Management Portal (AMP)
Non-intrusive installation
A fully tailored solution
“Macdonald Hotels has used Responsible Power increasingly over the last 7 years. I am delighted to confirm that they have initiated very considerable savings and moreover helped us achieve major efficiencies. I cannot recommend them highly enough”
Donald Macdonald
Macdonald Hotels & Resorts
Why use Responsible Power?

Hotels are wasting up to 30% of the money they spend on energy.

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Bath Spa, England

The Benefits of Responsible Power


Hotels we have worked with have reduced their energy costs by over 30%


Staff can see where energy is being used - and what they see they can control


AMP shows how your actions reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint.
The Responsible Power Solution

Your road to
Energy Accountability



We survey your hotel to establish available savings


Data feeds into AMP enabling detailed analysis of energy consumption


Interactive reporting alerts management to wastage as it occurs

Save the planet
Save money
Invest in your business

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Frimley Hall, England
CAse Study

Macdonald Hotels

Energy costs were the second largest expense after payroll.
Yet no proactive way to manage it.

Responsible Power installed in 26 of their largest properties


Currently running at £2,000,000 reduction in energy consumption per year.

Staff are now accountable.


Saving over 5.4 million kg of CO2 per annum.

Staff are now motivated and energy aware.


Equivalent to 36 return trips to the moon every year.

Staff are proud of their achievements.

‘As a management tool AMP is invaluable.  We know immediately when a hotel is not performing as it should, and can see the results when we put it right’
Simon Jackson
Chief Commercial Officer
Macdonald Hotels & Resorts