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Responsible Power is a privately owned company with extensive experience working together with the hospitality industry. Our mission is to increase our business customers’ profit and to reduce their carbon footprint by helping them put into action energy efficiency measures.

We believe that before making any energy saving capital investment decision, or indeed any process or behavioural change, clients should first understand their energy consumption profile. Only then can you be sure that you can truly measure the impact of any energy efficiency actions and ensure you are making a decision based upon evidence and not just intuition.

As the next step, we help our customers implement the necessary change and follow through with long term sustainable support. We apply intelligence and evidence-based decision making to the process and we provide comprehensive management reports that detail consumption in hospitality industry terms.

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The AMP effect explained


Responsible Power uses the latest technology combined with expert knowledge to deliver energy savings. Any consultancy engagement consists of 3 stages:

  • Discovery – what is the current situation.
  • Analysis – what can be improved and the effect that it would have.
  • Reporting – results and recommendations on improvements.

This cycle is repeated on a regular basis.

We have automated the discovery stage through the use of permanent energy monitoring throughout  the site, collecting data from many different locations. This data is then processed on our servers, delivering up-to-date information to our expert analysts as well as the staff. Our analysts, all of whom are MSc level qualified engineers, work with the site’s management to define reasonable energy consumption targets that allow for weather, level of business and any other factors that may affect energy consumption.

Through access to our real-time Active Management Portal (AMP), each facility can direcly monitor and control its energy consumption. Any anomalies can be spotted and dealt with when they happen, whether caused by staff behaviour, maintenance issues or infrastructure problems. Powerful data provides powerful savings… after all, knowledge is power!

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Responsible Power Systems Limited
Implementing behavioural change
Responsible Power Systems Limited
Optimising use of heating and AC
Responsible Power Systems Limited
Upgrading to more efficient lighting

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