The Responsible Power Active Management Portal (AMP)

Powerful data provides powerful savings

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AMP allows direct monitoring of each department’s energy consumption

Any anomalies can be spotted and dealt with as they happen, whether caused by staff behaviour, maintenance issues or infrastructure problems.

Customise visibility & permissions for access

Activity tracking for management

Daily Energy Breakdown

Simple ‘traffic light ‘system to highlight daily totals and department consumption levels with peak level warnings.

Quick identification of performance
Customisable layout & dashboard view
Broken down by department

Energy Threshold Alerts

Real-time threshold notifications will alert team members if set consumption targets are exceeded.

Notes on location, time & amount of wastage
Notify relevant departments via SMS & email

Interactive Daily Comparison

Real-time graphs and charts where each department is compared against consumptions over variable periods.

Detailed overview of  departments

Compare consumption by day, week, month or year

Interactive graphs for in-depth analysis

Unique Actions Lists

Identified actions are logged and their progress tracked to eliminate waste.

Keep up to date with all your actions

We’re not finished yet

AMP also features:

Energy report prepared daily for management meetings
Track the activity level of your hotel through business statistics'
Energy data processed in multi-second intervals
Online 24/7, 365 days a year
AMR Gas & Electricity analysis graphs for multiple meters where available.
Integrated weather charts to monitor heating & cooling
Overnight review of alerts or night staff ‘walk-through’ checks
"We saved as much as 23% on energy consumption by using Responsible Power to show us where to focus, be it behaviour, maintenance, or capital investments.
Brett Ingle
General Manager
Macdonald Inchyra Hotel and Spa