Energy Management

COVID 19: May 2020- How we’re here to help

Archie Stirling
Chairman & Founder
The Hospitality and Leisure industry has been devastated by the Corona virus pandemic. Business literally stopped for hotels, staff have been furloughed or laid off, and everything done to minimise costs.

Or has it?

Many hoteliers think that they have done their job and shut down power consumption as far as possible. But have they? This is our business and we find that energy is still being consumed in greater quantities than is necessary.

Because we have a deep insight into how different operators have reacted to this crisis and because a prosperous hotel industry is good for our business, we have been offering a free service to review hotel shutdowns

Of the sites that use our service (AMP) on a day-to-day basis, a reduction in consumption of 74% was achieved by 2nd April 2020.

This compares to a figure of 45% for others we have recently analysed. If we look at the position by the 7th May 2020, our AMP controlled group shows an average reduction of 81% compared with those not in our scheme at 68%.

Our analysis shows that sites are frequently unaware of how and where they consume energy. This in turn means that they pay higher bills than they should. All too often the attitude is that energy is too hard to manage in detail and as a result effort is limited to negotiating better supply contracts and a few obvious upgrades such as LED bulbs.

For the ‘AMP’ group of hotels having access to all their consumption information means that efforts can be focused on those hotels showing the least reduction.

AMP guides those efforts to the right department and, if necessary, down to the right circuit.  Because we have many properties in the ‘AMP’ group, we can measure performance across similar sites.

In summary, knowing where, when and how energy is consumed has proven invaluable for reducing the costs of these ‘shutdown’ properties, and has minimised the amount that operators have had to pay to the utility companies.

Responsible Power offers free shutdown analysis, and we will continue to do so until this epidemic has passed.